In order to really enjoy
a dog, one doesn't merely
try to train him
to be semi human.
The point of it is to open
oneself to the possibility
of becoming partly a dog.

Edward Hoagland

Australian Labradoodle Włochata Pasja

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Latest news!

We have got puppies!

Dogs are altri­cial spe­cies (the young are born before they are fully deve­lop­ped). They need care from our side to survive. Offspring is hel­pless and depen­dant on its parents. Pre­coc­cial spe­cies, in con­trast, such as hor­ses geeses ect. are ready to eat, stand and walk on their own within hours from birth. Cru­tial parts of […]

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First Australian Labradoodle meeting in Poland!

Not so long ago — in April we have orga­ni­zed our first Austra­lian Labra­do­odle meeting of dogs coming from Wlo­chata Pasja and Kudlaty Czar, that live in Poland. It was so won­der­ful! Agnieszka Pache and Alek­san­dra Gałka from Eve­rest dog tra­ining school have orga­ni­zed great tra­inings for us — some obi­dience, trie­ball and mantrailing…there were […]

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