Is Australian Labradoodle a breed for you?

More about Labra­do­odle Tem­pe­ra­ment can be read in “Austra­ilan Labra­do­odle tem­pe­ra­ment” I stron­gly recom­mend to read this article and answer your­self this cru­cial question. Whe­ther you and your family will be able to meet the basic needs of Labra­do­odle? If not, you sho­uld think of other breed as I am sure that there is a per­fect dog for you somewhere.

Are you able to devote your time to train your dog?

Labra­do­odle do not need a huge yard so that they could feel happy – they need you to be aro­und them and they want to be aro­und you as well. They need men­tal sti­mu­la­tion — which is why they are so good at being wor­king dogs.

Will you be able to devote at least 30 minu­tes a day, for the first mon­ths of tra­ining with your dog?

Labra­do­odle dogs are highly intel­li­gent – they learn very quic­kly and if you do not show them the right direc­tion – they will find lots of other things to do (not neces­sa­rily things you will approve of). Of course — each dog will be gra­te­ful for a piece of the cour­ty­ard, but nothing can replace the con­tact with the owner.

Labra­do­odles love water. They love water up to the point that some put their paws in the bowl, some can even sit in the water with bowl (if they can still fit in it). You would never guess how much fun pud­dle can be. Can you bear it?

Labra­do­odle wants to accom­pany you whe­re­ver you go. Won’t you bother? My dogs tend to lie in bulk at the bathroom’s door, waiting when I finally get out of it. And yes – some­ti­mes I stum­ble (even tho­ugh I sho­uld have alre­ady learnt;-)). They are always ready and waiting for your move. Of course this does not mean that when you go out – you always have to take your dog with you. Pro­perly tra­ined dog will be left alone at home without cau­sing any tro­uble. Howe­ver, if you expect they will give you a break after you come back from work – for­get about it!

Austra­lian Labra­do­odle does not have a doggy odor, and fre­qu­ent bathing is not neces­sary, because the hair is “self-cleaning” (in the meaning that dirt drops on the floor). Howe­ver, they need regu­lar care of the coat — com­bing and trim­ming. At the age of about 10 mon­ths they change their puppy coat and this is the time when their coat will need more atten­tion. Are you pre­pa­red to bru­shing the coat regulary?

Those dogs are of a goofy nature. They have all crazy ideas – ste­eling laun­dry, mis­sing socks is on a daily basis. Can you take it?

They have strong retrie­ving instinct. Some will want to catch birds, some carry objects in their mount. That of course makes them per­fect assi­stant dogs but it could give you a heada­che when you see a lit­tle bir­die in your dogs mount – oh no they will not hurt him. They will stand, wag­ging their tails and do not do any harm. Will you under­stand those natu­ral instincts?

You sho­uld hone­stly answer all of these questions before you decide on this breed. If you are the per­fect one for Labra­do­odle — congratulations!


Elzbieta Gajew­ska
Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Bre­eder in Poland
First Pro­fes­sio­nal Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Ken­nel in Poland