Reservation and waiting list

How do I enroll on the waiting list and what hap­pens after that?

First of all. We mate our Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Ladies when we are sure that there is eno­ugh of people on our waiting list. We make sure that all of this fami­lies are quali­fied for our pup­pies, as we look for a good sake of them all. Only this way we can be sure that all of them will go into good hands.

So how does the pro­cess look like?

After the ini­tial con­tact you are asked to fill out the appli­ca­tion form and you are being inte­rvie­wed.
During this inte­rview we ask a lot of questions, but we also explain a lot of issues. The reason for this is that we want to know dyna­mics of your family, but we also want to make sure that our puppy will go into good hands – which is very impor­tant to us.

If you are prone to aller­gies we ask you to visit cer­tain Austra­lian Labra­do­odles in your area or close to it, in order to check if you get no reac­tions to them.
If eve­ry­thing goes all right and if you are sure that you want a puppy from us, at the same time we decide that you are the per­fect can­di­date – you are enrol­led on the waiting list.
This is where the fun begins – we are waiting for the bitch to come in season. As soon as she comes in season we inform you about it so you can start count­down and your pre­pa­ra­tions for your one and only Austra­lian Labra­do­odle puppy. During this time of course we answer any questions that may occur along the way.
We inform you once we are sure that the bitch is pre­gnant and after the pup­pies are born.
From the birth date we send you puppy upda­tes every week – along with pic­ture docu­men­ta­tion.
We also inform you what is done with the pup­pies in a cer­tain week, how they are socia­li­zed, what tre­at­ments do they get – we want you to feel a part of it and par­ti­ci­pate in all we do.
During all this time we obse­rve the pup­pies and keep in mind your family dyna­mics so that we can fit the right puppy to your pro­file.
On 6 and 7 week we do the tem­pe­ra­ment testing with is done by a quali­fied beha­vio­rist. The tests are being fil­med so that we can go back to them whe­ne­ver we want to. Upon the test results we make the final match to each family.

It is very impor­tant part of our job as we take the respon­si­bi­lity of that match. You have to put our trust in us and we will do our best. Only this way we can grant the suc­cess of our pro­gram. While fit­ting the right fami­lies with the right pup­pies many things count, but we are pro­fes­sio­nals in what we do and we will make sure that you are get­ting the best match.
You are welco­med to come and pick your Austra­lian Labra­do­odle puppy up, see us and meet the dogs. Howe­ver we also under­stand that you may live far away and this could be a long jour­ney for you. In order to help you we are pre­pa­red to deli­ver the pup­pies our­se­lves. Our friend bre­eder in Ger­many Cym­brogi Labra­do­odles helps us with the acco­mo­da­tion, where we come with all the pup­pies. On the first day when we arrive we can’t give away the puppy – this day and night the pup­pies are being obse­rved as they went thro­ugh a long trip. We do it just in case if any­thing hap­pe­ned we are able to react fast. On the first day howe­ver you are very welco­med to come see your puppy and talk to us. Next day you come to pick your puppy up.

Here is when your story begins and we are waiting for the often feed­back. Of course we are more than welco­med to answer any questions along the way and assist you and your puppy whine being raised.

Pup­pies that go to Poland. At least 2 (but often 3) visits are requ­ired. First time the fami­lies visit us, to meet us and for an inte­rview. After that we visit the fami­lies to see the con­di­tions the puppy will be kept and to advise you the best solu­tions for the pet housing. The puppy is usu­ally deli­ve­red to your home with accom­pany of beha­vio­rist who obse­rves your inte­rac­tion with puppy. This is the time when we can advise you many issues con­cer­ning the puppy as we obse­rve the way you inte­re­act with each other. Usu­ally we spend with each family few hours and when we are sure that they know eve­ry­thing we leave them to each other. Howe­ver at the same time we are always ava­ila­ble to the family if they need any assi­stance — even if that would requ­ire visi­ting the family.


Elzbieta Gajew­ska
Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Bre­eder in Poland
First Pro­fes­sio­nal Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Ken­nel in Poland