There are dif­fe­rent types of diet that are prac­ti­ced nowadays.

1. Home pre­pa­red diet (cooked)
2. Raw meat diet (BRF) (raw meat, bones, veg­gies, eggs ect.)
3. Com­mer­cial food diet

I am being asked quite often which one is the best for the dogs? Well, I can’t tell you that –this is some­thing you have to decide for your­self. I can of course tell you my opi­nions – which I am going to do right now. I can tell you what I have cho­sen for my dogs, howe­ver the final deci­sion will be yours and will depend on your know­ledge and time that you can devote for pre­pa­ring food for your pupil.

The pro­per diet is very impor­tant for gro­wing puppy and reflects in his fur­ther health as an adult. The diet sho­uld the­re­fore con­sist of all the ingre­dients that a cer­tain dog needs (accor­din­gly to the life stage – pup­pies will need to be fed dif­fe­ren­tly than adults, acti­vity – active dogs will need to be fed dif­fe­ren­tly from the ones who spend most of their time on the couch, ect).

Pro­per diet is sup­ply­ing your dog with all the neces­sa­rily nutrients: car­bo­hy­dra­tes, fats, pro­te­ins, mine­rals, vita­mins, amino acids and water. All the nutrients must be given in the right quan­ti­ties, and (which is more dif­fi­cult) in the pro­per pro­por­tions to each other. The age of the dog, size, con­di­tion, acti­vity and health are very impor­tant when it comes to cho­osing pro­per diet.

Now let’s discuss home pre­pa­red and raw diet. Have you got eno­ugh know­ledge and time to pre­pare it by your­self? Because I must disap­po­int you if you think that cooking some rice with meat and veg­gies will give your dog needed nutri­tion. There are reci­pes both for cooked and Barf diet (good reci­pes take into con­si­de­ra­tion the age of the dog, the size as well as other con­di­tions). Once I met a lady who said “Oh, Mr. Barf made it too dif­fi­cult” and she ended up giving her dogs raw meat and bones only. Well, nothing valu­able comes easy. Wolfs at wild do not eat meat only. Ima­gine – how would you feel and look eating only meat for years. Are dogs any dif­fe­rent than us?

Now, are you able to pre­pare the food your­self and be sure that you are sup­ply­ing your dog with all the nutrients he needs? Of course it is mana­ge­able but at the same time – extre­mely dif­fi­cult. If you want to try it remem­ber – only accor­din­gly to the reci­pes as lack of any of nutrients or wrong pro­por­tions can cause health pro­blems and reflect in your dogs beha­vior as well.

Once I atten­ded semi­nary cal­led “Diet and Beha­vio­ral issues” by Sally Askew who mana­ged to adjust home pre­pa­red diet for her dog so that she eli­mi­na­ted epi­lepsy attacks on which he suf­fe­red for years. Howe­ver she had wor­ked on it for long period of time – regu­larly sen­ding her dogs hair sam­ples to the labo­ra­tory for chec­king the nutri­tio­nal level in it. I sup­pose not all of us have got time to do this and you have to check some­how if your dog gets what he needs in his food.

Com­mer­cial food diet is what spe­cia­li­sts wor­ked for years taking into con­si­de­ra­tion eve­ry­thing I men­tio­ned above. Com­plete diet is just what it is – COMPLETE. There is variety of cho­ice. This diet is for­mu­la­ted taking into con­si­de­ra­tion ani­mal size, acti­vity, age and even suscep­ti­bi­lity to dif­fe­rent dise­ases as hip dys­pla­sia ect. Com­mer­cial food diet is also expen­sive but it does not requ­ire time and know­ledge to pre­pare food your­self (as I men­tio­ned before). Some people feel sorry for their dog eating crun­chy – well you do not need to be sorry giving your dog all that he needs.

I have cho­sen for my dogs com­mer­cial diet and I am satis­fied – they re good looking, their coats shine and they do not have any health problems.

Conc­lu­ding – all of those diets can be good for your dog (only if pre­pa­red accor­din­gly with reci­pes). Com­mer­cial food is expen­sive but com­plete. Raw food or home pre­pa­red food only seems not to be so expen­sive but in fact it is. When you think of cooking some rice with meat and veg­gies – it does not seem so expen­sive and time absor­bing – but taking into con­si­de­ra­tion what I wrote above – pro­per home pre­pa­red and raw diet is time absor­bing, requ­ires know­ledge and it is not any che­aper than com­mer­cial diet.

Your Austra­lian Labra­do­odle puppy goes home with 18 kg bag of good quality com­mer­cial food as the part of a puppy pack.


Elzbieta Gajew­ska
Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Bre­eder in Poland
First Pro­fes­sio­nal Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Ken­nel in Poland