Cymbrogis Irresistible Renesemee

Labradoodle Nessie

Labra­do­odle Nessie

logo Nessie

Breed: Austra­lij­ski Labradoodle

Name: Cym­bro­gis Irre­si­sti­ble Rene­se­mee (Nessie)

Regi­stra­tion num­ber: AES-F15007TC

Color: White

Coat: open fleece

Size: medium


Prcd-PRA: Clear by parentage

Hips/Elbows accor­din­gly with FCI stan­dards: Excellent

DNA pro­file: VHL_ID H57534

Lovely Nes­sie, she is the big­gest star­let in our family:) Yes it is quite
truth — she is spo­iled rot­ten, but in turn she repays with great love. She
has 100% suc­cess in invi­ting others to play with her, she is as we call her
Irre­si­sti­ble;) Even Onyxe who does not play much .…oooh she can make him
play like crazy. Nes­sie is typi­cal the­rapy dog and I am sure she has
inhe­ri­ted it from her grand­mom Cara­mel. Just as Cara­mel she loves to cud­dle
and she will glue to any per­son that comes to visit. Come­ti­mes we laugh that
she is lac­king of “per­so­nal cul­ture” and can stick her nose to my face to
disco­ver what have I just eaten;)
From the other hand she never sne­aks to sleep in our bed like Fili does -
she sle­eps in her bed at night;)

What does Nes­sie have to say? “What do they have to say about me? I love to
cud­dle — this is a well known fact;)
If I want to check some­thing (even if it is what Edyta ate for din­ner) I
check. But did they pra­ise me for being a good stu­dent? Did they say how
nicely I train with Edyta? Did they say I atten­ded trac­king tra­ining? No,
they did not mention…At least they poin­ted out I do not sneak in to the
bed at night. I am a good girl indeed”

Australian labradoodle Nessie

Austra­lian labra­do­odle Nessie

Labradoodle Ness

Labra­do­odle Ness

Neska Labradoodle

Neska Labra­do­odle

Nessie Labradoodle

Nes­sie Labradoodle

Nessie with puppy

Nes­sie with puppy

First Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Ken­nel in Poland
Polish Bre­eder of Austra­lian labradoodles

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