Australian Labradoodle Donnan — tracking workshops

Trac­king work­shop. How does Don­nan do at fin­ding „mis­sing people”
Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Don­nan – the per­fect dog. Not that long ago we took a part in a trac­king work­shop orga­ni­zed by Eve­rest. Donnan’s nose wor­ked for two hours stra­ight. He was so brave, even the snow that was stic­king to his paws did not bother him. There was lots of snow and tra­ils were lon­ger and lon­ger. Next time we are not coming out without a spe­cial suit.
Don­nan always beau­ti­fully wal­ked on the truck, the reward for fin­ding a toy was play­ing with it with the han­dler. With time we star­ted noti­cing that the toy is not eno­ugh fun any­more. He was trac­king as that was his job, but was that ple­asu­ra­ble for him? I am far away from pres­sing the dog to do some­thing for my ple­asure only. Fun of per­for­ming has to be on both sides, and even more for a dog — espe­cially if it comes to per­form one’s natu­ral instincts.
Don­nan is a dog which is very con­cen­tra­ted on the han­dler and there is no big­gest joy for him than spen­ding time with human. Fast inte­rven­tion hel­ped Don­nan to regain fun from trac­king and now he does it even bet­ter and faster, and much more pre­ci­sely than before. At the end of the track there is human waiting. Human — the big­gest reward for him. Don­nan trac­king now car­ries the widest smile on his face. Since that time there is always hel­per assi­sting us at the tra­ining.
While tra­ining our dogs, we have to remem­ber that for every indi­vi­dual there is a dif­fe­rent rein­for­ce­ment (food, toy, human). The­re­fore eve­ry­one sho­uld find the right kind of moti­va­tion for his dog.


Wlo­chata Pasja
First Pro­fes­sio­nal Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Kennel

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