Australian Labradoodles and International Dog Show in Kedzierzyn Kozle

On 19.08.2012 we took a part in the Inter­na­tio­nal Dog Show orga­ni­zed by PKPR (Polish Club of Pede­gree Dogs) in Kędzie­rzyn Koźle
How was it? Ter­ri­bly hot – that is for sure ; ) Austra­lian Labra­do­odles God­dess and Gala were very brave. We went totally aside so that girls had a peace­ful and quiet place where they could relax before get­ting on the ring. It is very impor­tant for them as usu­ally while taking part in such shows dogs are stres­sed a bit, so we need to give them maxi­mal com­fort. Unfor­tu­na­tely our com­pe­ti­tion star­ted aro­und 4 pm (so all 5 hours of waiting)
God­dess and Gala got very good gra­des and they were invi­ted to take a part in the fur­ther com­pe­ti­tion (Best Puppy and Best Junior in Show)
God­dess won 2 place – Pest Puppy In show and pre­sen­ted her­self on podium next to the Ger­man She­pherd and York Bie­wer. Con­gra­tu­la­tion lit­tle girl! As always she was very calm and brave.
Gala this time did not get to the podium but still she was fantastic!

So we bro­ught 2 medals and a goblet!

Labradoodle gala, gradnig

Labra­do­odle gala, gradnig

Labradoodle gala, ring

Labra­do­odle gala, ring

Labradoodle gala, Show position

Labra­do­odle gala, Show position

Labradoodle Goddess, judging

Labra­do­odle God­dess, judging

Labradoodle Goddess, ring

Labra­do­odle God­dess, ring

Labradoodle Goddess, show position

Labra­do­odle God­dess, show position

Labradoodle Goddess, BIS

Labra­do­odle God­dess, BIS

Labradoodle Gala, BIS

Labra­do­odle Gala, BIS

Labradoodle Gala, BIS

Labra­do­odle Gala, BIS

Labradoodle Goddess, BIS

Labra­do­odle God­dess, BIS

Labradoodle Goddess, podium

Labra­do­odle God­dess, podium

Labradoodle Goddes, medal

Labra­do­odle God­des, medal

Australian Labradoodles, medals

Austra­lian Labra­do­odles, medals

Labradoodle Gala, medal

Labra­do­odle Gala, medal

Labradoodle Goddess, goblet

Labra­do­odle God­dess, goblet


Wlo­chata Pasja
First Pro­fes­sio­nal Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Ken­nel in Poland

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