Onyxe attending the training (pictures and videos)

Onyxe star­ted the tra­ining in the most famous dog school in Poland cal­led “Pastel”(in 2009 they rece­ived the pre­stige sta­tue named “Heart for Ani­mals” ) Those were the first clas­ses and we think that Onyxe is fol­lo­wing the trace of “Blanka” (our 3 year old Westie) and intends to become a “smarty– pants” :-)At the first clas­ses Onyxe was lear­ning how to sit, lay down, tar­get and come back on a whi­stle sound. O, he was so hap­pily wag­ging his tail all the time. We all think he liked it. There are some videos and pic­tu­res to be watched.


Smakołyk?? To mi sie podoba!

Sma­ko­łyk?? To mi sie podoba!

Chodzenie przy nodze może byc przyjemne!

Cho­dze­nie przy nodze może byc przyjemne!

A TO jest ten TARGET!

A TO jest ten TARGET!

Już targetuje!

Już tar­ge­tuje!


1. I am lear­ning how to sit — look how I wagg with my tail:)

Nauka siad. A ja wesolo mer­dam ogon­kiem 

2. Heel time

A ja lubię cho­dzić przy nodze:)

3. First clas­ses and I tar­get already!

Pierw­sza lek­cja a ja już targetuje!