Prenatal life of Caramel and Onyxes puppies;)

Pre­na­tal life of Cara­mel and Onyxe’s pups. Won­de­ring how do they look now? Take a look.

Prenatal life puppies

Pre­na­tal life puppies

During the next and last weeks cri­ti­cal chan­ges in the fetu­ses will take a place – they will deve­lop ears, noses and change the shape of their bodies. Up till now pla­cen­tas were fil­te­ring pro­ducts of meta­bo­lism, now kid­neys are wor­king. Fetu­ses secrete urine into the amnio­tic fluid in which they live.

Prenatal life puppies

Pre­na­tal life puppies

In order to pro­tect gen­tle eyes their eyelids are closed.

Prenetal life - eyes

Pre­ne­tal life — eyes

Mouth and noses deve­lop rela­ti­vely late in the third phase of pregnancy.


Rese­arch show that pre­gnant mothers expe­rien­cing high levels of cor­ti­sol (the stress hor­mone), affect deve­lop­ment of the fetus, incre­asing the sen­si­ti­vity of their child’s brain. Unfor­tu­na­tely, then, after the birth pups are sen­si­tive to any rele­ase of the che­mi­cals asso­cia­ted with stress. The brain of the young ani­mal is sen­si­tive to even the smal­lest levels of cor­ti­sol (such an offspring is cal­led REACTIVE OFFSPRING) . These pup­pies will be very reac­tive to stress­ful situ­ations.
It has been shown that high levels of che­mi­cals asso­cia­ted with stress incre­ases the risk of pro­blems such as fear or depression.


Caramel 43 days pregnant

Cara­mel 43 days pregnant

Rese­arch show that in many spe­cies lear­ning pro­cess takes place in the womb — asso­cia­tions between the sounds, smells, tastes — pup­pies acqu­ire the know­ledge from their mother.

prenatal life

pre­na­tal life

In the natu­ral envi­ron­ment, father is pre­sent from the moment of con­cep­tion and this is a KEY FACTOR redu­cing stress of pre­gnant fema­les. Unfor­tu­na­tely, in the man-made envi­ron­ment the situ­ation looks quite dif­fe­rent. Many bre­eders do not have a stud dog at home. In that situ­ation we — the owners need to take care of pre­gnant bitch in order for her to feel safe for life she car­ries inside.. We can’t for­get that regar­dless from the pro­cess of dome­sti­ca­tion many situ­ations we put our dogs into are not natu­ral situ­ations for them. Let’s not try to huma­nize ani­mals. For pre­gnant fema­les, even unk­nown people visi­ting could be a stress­ful fac­tor. Let’s respect the need for space they are asking for. Thin­king this way — the heal­thy deve­lop­ment of young pup­pies begins in their pre­na­tal life.

In my beha­vio­ral prac­tice I was alre­ady wit­nes­sing owner’s absurd ideas to take pre­gnant female to reha­bi­li­tate an aggres­sive dog of their friends. I can’t even ima­gine what must have been going on in that female’s brain. It was indeed a female who’s pri­mary goal at that time was pro­tec­tion of her offspring.

Now we start the count­down. Our Cara­mel Pas­sion is gro­wing big. She is sle­eping on the sofa (her favo­urite sport for the moment;). We are with her all the time so that she feels safe .…. she pays back with tail wagging;)

Pic­tu­res bor­ro­wed from Natio­nal Geo­gra­phic (In the wound — dogs)

Wlo­chata Pasja
First Prof­fe­sio­nal Labra­do­odle Ken­nel in Poland

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