Remadays 2009 — relation from the fair (photos)

On 10–12 of Febru­ary 2009 in War­saw Rema­days Expo was held.
Rutlands Cara­mel Pas­sion (Austra­lian Labra­do­odle) repre­sen­ted Anda Com­pany. The main motto was – “Finally in Poland”

Cara­mel is the first labra­do­odle in Poland – she comes from Austra­ila.
Cara­mel and her guide Ali­cja Duda (from the most pre­sti­gious dog tra­ining school in Poland) were wan­de­ring thro­ugh alleys and giving away the busi­ness cards.

Cara­mel did a great job – she was wan­de­ring pro­udly and was very calm. It was a great suc­cess for both Anda Poland and Caramel.

Anda Poland – we wish you lots of suc­ces­ses! Doodles cuddles ;)