We have got puppies!

Goldie was a very brave girl, her labor was long and not easy. However we were all there to help her and take care of her. There came some surprises along the way, but each of them is a new experience that teaches us something.

Puppies are 22 days now and they still eat Goldie’s milk. We consider it as very important that is why we do not introduce another food yet. We pay a special attention if they gain regularly and if they spent enough time sucking.
This will immunize the puppies at least until they are 6 weeks and ready to get their shots.
Few days ago we have tried something amazing – the massage. We started at massaging Goldie first. It took her 5 minutes to fall asleep. We wanted to try this out on puppies gently rubbing them and the results were amazing.

The time came to look around different rooms in the house. Slowly, they will get to see everything. We have got to be really careful in order not to over stimulate. Some inexperienced often over stimulate the puppies using neurological stimulation and that often reflects negatively on the dog in the future. Therefore we give the puppies some time, we do it slowly and in the right time.
We strongly believe that each puppy is born with a mission and we are happy to lead them in the right direction.

Now we do a very simple and special exercises (that will work on the puppies’ membrane) that prevent puppies from the car sickness. Unfortunately nowadays lot of dogs suffer from car sickness. Some breeders say they drive a car with puppies inside of it when they are only 3 weeks old – they believe it should be the right exercise. We do not do this – I do not think this is the good way to put such a young puppy in this kind of stress in such an early age. We have got our own ways to do it without stressing pups too much. By the way – socialization should be fun and bring good memories – not the bad ones. During this age – puppies should learn what is the most important – the sense that they are secure.

Enjoy the photos of our beautiful pups.