We have got puppies!

We have got puppies!

Gol­die was a very brave girl, her labor was long and not easy. Howe­ver we were all there to help her and take care of her. There came some sur­pri­ses along the way, but each of them is a new expe­rience that teaches us something.

Pup­pies are 22 days now and they still eat Goldie’s milk. We con­si­der it as very impor­tant that is why we do not intro­duce ano­ther food yet. We pay a spe­cial atten­tion if they gain regu­larly and if they spent eno­ugh time suc­king.
This will immu­nize the pup­pies at least until they are 6 weeks and ready to get their shots.
Few days ago we have tried some­thing ama­zing – the mas­sage. We star­ted at mas­sa­ging Gol­die first. It took her 5 minu­tes to fall asleep. We wan­ted to try this out on pup­pies gen­tly rub­bing them and the results were amazing.

The time came to look aro­und dif­fe­rent rooms in the house. Slowly, they will get to see eve­ry­thing. We have got to be really care­ful in order not to over sti­mu­late. Some ine­xpe­rien­ced often over sti­mu­late the pup­pies using neu­ro­lo­gi­cal sti­mu­la­tion and that often reflects nega­ti­vely on the dog in the future. The­re­fore we give the pup­pies some time, we do it slowly and in the right time.
We stron­gly believe that each puppy is born with a mis­sion and we are happy to lead them in the right direction.

Now we do a very sim­ple and spe­cial exer­ci­ses (that will work on the pup­pies’ mem­brane) that pre­vent pup­pies from the car sick­ness. Unfor­tu­na­tely nowa­days lot of dogs suf­fer from car sick­ness. Some bre­eders say they drive a car with pup­pies inside of it when they are only 3 weeks old – they believe it sho­uld be the right exer­cise. We do not do this – I do not think this is the good way to put such a young puppy in this kind of stress in such an early age. We have got our own ways to do it without stres­sing pups too much. By the way – socia­li­za­tion sho­uld be fun and bring good memo­ries – not the bad ones. During this age – pup­pies sho­uld learn what is the most impor­tant – the sense that they are secure.

Enjoy the pho­tos of our beau­ti­ful pups.