We have just opened the waiting list for Spring litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies

We are proud to anno­unce that we have just ope­ned the waiting list for the Lit­ter of Austra­lian Labra­do­odle puppies.

Lovely mother is Fili­gree Sur­prise of Wlo­chata Pasja

Australian Labradoodle Filigree Surprise

Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Fili­gree Surprise

Proud daddy is Rutlands Black Onyxe

Australijski Labradoodle Rutlands Black Onyxe

Austra­lij­ski Labra­do­odle Rutlands Black Onyxe

Both parents are regi­ste­red by ALFA Europe and both parents are chec­ked aga­inst PRCD-Pra as well as hip/elbow dysplasia.

We invite you to read Onyxe’s and Fili’s page to read infor­ma­tion about them.

Pup­pies sho­uld be born in early May 2012

We are expec­ting Labra­do­odle puppies:

Size: minia­ture and medium
Colors: Cream, gold, apri­cot, red, balck
Coat type: wavy fle­ece, curly fleece

All pup­pies will leave our home equ­ip­ped with:

1. DNA tests for paren­tage veri­fi­ca­tion
2. ALFA EUROPE pedi­gree
3. pas­sport
4. micro­chip
5. all neces­sary vac­ci­na­tion, de-wormings and tick tre­at­ments
6. tem­pe­ra­ment testing results
7. large puppy pack with food for the first mon­ths for puppy
8. booklet about raising your puppy and all the impor­tant things to know about the puppy
9. agre­ement with health guarantee

If you are inte­re­sted in our Austra­lian Labra­do­odle pup­pies ple­ase con­tact us.

Do you know to see how we socia­lize the puppies?


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