We have just opened reservation list for the Autumn litter

Mother: Rutlands Golden Glamour
Father: Rutlands Black Onyxe

Expected sizes: medium, standards
Expected coats: Open fleece, curly fleece
Expected colors: Apricot, Red, Black, Caramel, Gold, Cream

All puppies will get their DNA profile from ALFA EUROPE Organisation

All of the puppy buyers are welcomed to visit us to see the dogs.
All of the puppies can be picked up in Poland or in Germany.
Delivery of the puppy is also possible – we deliver puppies personally.

Please see below the photos of the past litter of the couple.

All of the puppies go through socialisation. Special socialisation plans are build for each litter. Please see below how some parts of socialisation look like:

Week 1
Mother and pupies stay together. The only thing you have to supply them with is safe envoroment.

Week 2
Puppies still stay with their mother.

Week 3

Puppies still stay with their mother. This week special exercised must be introduced. Those are exercises of membraine, that emilimate motion sickness in dogs. First seeing and hearing stimuluses must be introduced at this stage.

Week 4

Puppies start to explore. New hearing, seeing and sniffing stimuluses must be introduced

Week 5
Puppies meet different people (sometimes strange people) and are introduced to different strange sounds and articles.

Week 6
This week the work on “enriched enviroment is continued”, Still puppies meet surrounding, different textures and noises.

Week 7
Here positive reinformcement training begins. It is all done expecially for the puppies so they get to know what does the positive reinforcement training is. We teach them how to sit, lay down and give a high five:)
At the training with their new owners they can skip that part as they are already trained;)

Week 8

We continue the training and meet different people, hear strange sounds and many many things

More information about socialising your puppy you will find in SOCIALISING section.
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