We have opened reservation list for Autumn litter

We have just ope­ned rese­rva­tion list for the Autumn litter

Mother: Rutlands Gol­den Gla­mour
Father: Rutlands Black Onyxe

Expec­ted sizes: medium, stan­dards
Expec­ted coats: Open fle­ece, curly fle­ece
Expec­ted colors: Apri­cot, Red, Black, Cara­mel, Gold, Cream

All pup­pies will get their DNA pro­file from ALFA EUROPE Organisation

All of the puppy buy­ers are welco­med to visit us to see the dogs.
All of the pup­pies can be pic­ked up in Poland or in Ger­many.
Deli­very of the puppy is also possi­ble — we deli­ver pup­pies personally.

Ple­ase see below the pho­tos of the past lit­ter of the couple.

All of the pup­pies go thro­ugh socia­li­sa­tion. Spe­cial socia­li­sa­tion plans are build for each lit­ter. Ple­ase see below how some parts of socia­li­sa­tion look like:

Week 1
Mother and pupies stay toge­ther. The only thing you have to sup­ply them with is safe envoroment.

Week 2
Pup­pies still stay with their mother.

Week 3

Pup­pies still stay with their mother. This week spe­cial exer­ci­sed must be intro­du­ced. Those are exer­ci­ses of mem­bra­ine, that emi­li­mate motion sick­ness in dogs. First seeing and hearing sti­mu­lu­ses must be intro­du­ced at this stage.

Week 4

Pup­pies start to explore. New hearing, seeing and snif­fing sti­mu­lu­ses must be introduced

Week 5
Pup­pies meet dif­fe­rent people (some­ti­mes strange people) and are intro­du­ced to dif­fe­rent strange sounds and articles.

Week 6
This week the work on “enri­ched envi­ro­ment is con­ti­nued”, Still pup­pies meet sur­ro­un­ding, dif­fe­rent textu­res and noises.

Week 7
Here posi­tive rein­form­ce­ment tra­ining begins. It is all done expe­cially for the pup­pies so they get to know what does the posi­tive rein­for­ce­ment tra­ining is. We teach them how to sit, lay down and give a high five:)
At the tra­ining with their new owners they can skip that part as they are alre­ady trained;)

Week 8

We con­ti­nue the tra­ining and meet dif­fe­rent people, hear strange sounds and many many things

More infor­ma­tion about socia­li­sing your puppy you will find in SOCIALISING sec­tion.
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Elzbieta Gajew­ska
Austra­lian Labra­do­odle Bre­eder in Poland
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