It is true that the breeder should be a member of an organization associating labradoodle breeders. This way we are sure that strict code of ethics (as mandatory health testing) are imposed by this organization. However! Before you decide on a puppy you have to check not only the code of ethics but also other rules (especially the matter of what matings are allowed by the organization). The founder of the main organizations was Beverley Manners – those organizations proudly use their name, however who really knows that Beverley herself decided to leave the organizations, when the board decided to follow their own rules – rules that had nothing in common with founder’s vision?

Some organizations, unfortunately still allow introducing Spaniel’s blood to the Labradoodle. The question is – do you want to be an owner of the true multigeneration Australian Labradoodle or do you want to be a part of an experiment with mixing other breed blood?

Another thing is allowing F1 first generation labradoodles, which I also consider as unacceptable. It is very hard to predict what will come out of the F1. Will it be allergy friendly, will it shed? How will it look like – it is only a roulette.

I say – if joining the organization – only the one which allows mating within the breed such as ALFA EUROPE.
You as a future owner should also pay special attention to it.