Indy went to Holland!

Indy in Holland!

On Sun­day, Janu­ary 23, 2011 we finally could go pick up Indy.
After a drive of 4 hours at Indy came in her new house in Maars­sen. She was very quiet in the car and slept a lot.
Indy felt at ease very quic­kly and she loves the kids. She is very sweet and is liste­ning quit well alre­ady.
You can really see that she tau­ght lear­ned a lot from her birth.

If Indy is play­ing and disco­ve­ring new things is, we often laugh at her. She also likes to cud­dle and she snug­gles aga­inst you nicely. So all of this makes that we are very happy with Indy!