Animal behawiourism

Animals are my absolute passion. Since I can remember I was surrounded by them. Parrots whom I taught how to speak, guinea pigs, hamsters, fishes, lizards, cats, dogs and even snails or frogs.
However my first true adventure was when I got this big hearted westie girl. This is when my real adventure began. As I wanted to do everything right I started obedience training with her after that agility training and took part in agility competitions.
Here we are in the TV morning program with a little westie fetching delicious sausage and not even taking a bite of it;),okno_na_poludnie,336.html
Then I started observing animals. The more I was reading their signals, watching how they interact with each other the more I was fascinated with their world. This is when I decided to become a behaviorist specializing in animal behavior. I obtained COAPE diploma (Center of Applied Pet Ethology with residency in UK) and I continue my studies at European Center of Animal Psychology and Practical Knowledge as well as I attend seminaries held by animal experts such as Turid Rugaas, Alexa Capra, Sally Askew or Inki Sjosten.
I worked for Polish Kennel Club as a behaviorist who help them temperament test the puppies. At present I manage my own company specializing in animal behavioral therapy as well as dog trainings.
All my knowledge I turn into what I do with the puppies so they have enough of stimuli as a foundation for their further development.
I invite you to visit the website and if you have any comments or questions you are always welcomed to contact me.

Edyta Gajewska