Australian Labradoodle temperament

Most families opting for an Australian Labradoodle do it because of its allergy-friendly, non shedding coat. But before you decide if that breed is for you, take the time to analyze your family situation and your abilities. Are you able to meet the needs of the breed ? Does a dog fit into your family dynamics?

It is very important that you inform the breeder what do you want to do with your dog-what kind of activities will you supply him with. If your goal is to participate in agility, you need a dog more active, with more lively temperament. If you have other animals in your home or children it is also necessarily to say it to our breeder – not all the dogs fit to the families with children. It is very important that the breeder takes the time to get to know you and fits the dog that will suit you the most.

Australian Labradoodle. So, what are they like?

* Very smart and intelligent. Many people want to have such a smart dog. But we must remember that the dog must be socialized and trained at the early stage of his life. Dogs can quickly learn and we must teach them what are the behaviors that we expect them to present. They can learn the good things as quick as they learn those bad ones.

* Do not show aggressive behavior, they rarely bark.

* Easy to socialize with other animals.

* They are good with children of all ages. They love to be around humans. Therefore, if you think of a dog who will be running around your backyard, a dog who will not participate in family life – labradoodle is not the right breed for you.

* Very good as service dogs

* They love water and activity time with their owner. They will be good companions for people who like to spend time outside the city.

* they crave mental stimulation and you better give it to them otherwise they will present unwanted behavior (out of a boredom).

* They have a very strong retrieving instinct.


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