Is Australian Labradoodle a breed?

It is important to say that Australian Labradoodles are not registered yet by Kennel Clubs. However there are other organizations that stay strong protecting the purity of the breed. In particular I want to mention ALFA EUROPE organization which sets very restrictive rules in order to protect the breed. Also the organization stays very strong in protecting the customers right which is very important for the families getting a dog.

“The true Australian Labradoodle is not a designer dog” as we can read on Beverley Manners website – that was not creators’ intention. The true and noble purpose was to create allergy-friendly, intelligent family companion, working and assistance dog.

Twenty two years ago, two research centers in Australia, crossed two distinct breeds – labrador retriever and poodle. For over twenty years these centers continued their work on the breed, which we recognize today as the Australian Labradoodle. After doing a lot of research, and for the certain reasons – other infusions were introduced to the breed. Among them: American and English Cocker Spaniel (to reduce the dimensions of the dog, which was quite substantial),then Irish Water Spaniel (a close cousin of a poodle) eventually Soft Coated Wheaten Irish line. Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor (the only functioning research center nowadays), believes that there is no need for further infusions, and the race has acquired a strong and solid foundation.
Every breed, currently registered with the Kennel Club is the result of years of selective breeding. During the breed foundation process we may find different blood traces. Just as the Scottish Collie Shepherds’ ancestors are Irish Setters and Russian Greyhounds.

Continuing, I would like to introduce the Beagle “family tree” – human selective breeding for the breed that we distinguish today as beagle. Here I wanted to pay particular attention that every breed has it’s own history, ancestors and genealogic tree – and this happens way back – before they are registered by the Kennel Club.


Now some terminology:
A crossbreed or crossbred usually refers to an animal with purebred parents of two different breeds, varieties, or populations.
A mongrel, mutt – offspring of dogs with undetermined origin
Now – can we fit the Austrailan Labradoodle in one of this terms?
Labradoodles registered in Alfa Europe, accordingly to the rules can be bred only within one breed – Australian Labradoodle to Australian Labradoodle (no other infusions are allowed).
As well all Labradoodles registered in ALFA EU have their own genealogic tree documented in the registry.

It is very possible that Australian Labradoodle will be registered by the Kennel Clubs in the future- but everything must have its beginning – as Beagle, German Shepherds, Collie Sheepdogs, Labradors or many other breeds.

So yes – Australian Labradoodle is a breed of its own.


Elzbieta Gajewska
Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Poland
First Professional Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland

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