Why an Australian Labradoodle?

New breed (Australian Labradoodle) quickly gained popularity – especially in the United States, where today is on the top lists of the most popular breeds. Virtually overnight, the number of Labradoodle breeders grown like “mushrooms after rain”.

However at this point I would like to pay particular attention to how very important it is to distinguish the true Australian Labradoodle from “ a Labradoodle”.

The main goal for the most new breeders, unfortunately, was to achieve as high profits and as soon as possible. Many wanted to achieve, what breed developers have done for many years.

Is it really possible to “copy” in such a short period of time, something that the precursors have worked on for over 20 years?

Two major research centers – Rutland Manor and Tegan Park (not functioning anymore) worked on the ‘stability’ of the breed, taking into account the main objectives:

1. Dogs could not shade
2. Their fur should not cause allergic reactions
3. Focusing on selection of certain traits of temperament
4. Only dogs that meet the highest health standards should be accepted for breeding

The main goal of the Australian pioneers was to breed the perfect dog, that also would be a hypoallergenic dog. Years in the direction of a conscious selection of an appropriate coat, temperament and health standards have led to what we recognize today as a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.

I decided on the Australian Labradoodle, for two reasons:

* A number of allergies and asthma do not allow me to have other dog, than the one whose hair does not cause allergic reactions
*I realize that allergy is a common problem in today’s society – a problem which, unfortunately, will continue to grow. Therefore I want to pay special attention to people who, because of their disability need a guide dog, but because of their allergies can’t have it. To help those people is the primary motivator for my work.

I would like to provide you with one of the highest possible standards. That’s why I decided on the Australian Labradoodle coming from one of the breed foundators.

I have this pleasure to care for wonderful dogs:

1. Rutlands Caramel Passion
2. Rutlands Golden Glamour
3. Wlochata Pasja Filgree Surprise
4. Wlochata Pasja Charming Molly
5. Rutlands Black Onyxe

ASD Australian Labradoodles are not currently registered by the FCI in the world. Therefore ALFA EU organization stays strong to protect the breed. This organization, by signing strict code of ethics, puts on the Labradoodle breeders very high breeding standards. Moreover the organization (as the only one at the moment) requires DNA testing carried out on the puppies in order to give you the parentage prove of your puppy.


Elzbieta Gajewska
Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Poland
First Professional Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland

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