There are different types of diet that are practiced nowadays.

1. Home prepared diet (cooked)
2. Raw meat diet (BRF) (raw meat, bones, veggies, eggs ect.)
3. Commercial food diet

I am being asked quite often which one is the best for the dogs? Well, I can’t tell you that –this is something you have to decide for yourself. I can of course tell you my opinions – which I am going to do right now. I can tell you what I have chosen for my dogs, however the final decision will be yours and will depend on your knowledge and time that you can devote for preparing food for your pupil.

The proper diet is very important for growing puppy and reflects in his further health as an adult. The diet should therefore consist of all the ingredients that a certain dog needs (accordingly to the life stage – puppies will need to be fed differently than adults, activity – active dogs will need to be fed differently from the ones who spend most of their time on the couch, ect).

Proper diet is supplying your dog with all the necessarily nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and water. All the nutrients must be given in the right quantities, and (which is more difficult) in the proper proportions to each other. The age of the dog, size, condition, activity and health are very important when it comes to choosing proper diet.

Now let’s discuss home prepared and raw diet. Have you got enough knowledge and time to prepare it by yourself? Because I must disappoint you if you think that cooking some rice with meat and veggies will give your dog needed nutrition. There are recipes both for cooked and Barf diet (good recipes take into consideration the age of the dog, the size as well as other conditions). Once I met a lady who said “Oh, Mr. Barf made it too difficult” and she ended up giving her dogs raw meat and bones only. Well, nothing valuable comes easy. Wolfs at wild do not eat meat only. Imagine – how would you feel and look eating only meat for years. Are dogs any different than us?

Now, are you able to prepare the food yourself and be sure that you are supplying your dog with all the nutrients he needs? Of course it is manageable but at the same time – extremely difficult. If you want to try it remember – only accordingly to the recipes as lack of any of nutrients or wrong proportions can cause health problems and reflect in your dogs behavior as well.

Once I attended seminary called “Diet and Behavioral issues” by Sally Askew who managed to adjust home prepared diet for her dog so that she eliminated epilepsy attacks on which he suffered for years. However she had worked on it for long period of time – regularly sending her dogs hair samples to the laboratory for checking the nutritional level in it. I suppose not all of us have got time to do this and you have to check somehow if your dog gets what he needs in his food.

Commercial food diet is what specialists worked for years taking into consideration everything I mentioned above. Complete diet is just what it is – COMPLETE. There is variety of choice. This diet is formulated taking into consideration animal size, activity, age and even susceptibility to different diseases as hip dysplasia ect. Commercial food diet is also expensive but it does not require time and knowledge to prepare food yourself (as I mentioned before). Some people feel sorry for their dog eating crunchy – well you do not need to be sorry giving your dog all that he needs.

I have chosen for my dogs commercial diet and I am satisfied – they re good looking, their coats shine and they do not have any health problems.

Concluding – all of those diets can be good for your dog (only if prepared accordingly with recipes). Commercial food is expensive but complete. Raw food or home prepared food only seems not to be so expensive but in fact it is. When you think of cooking some rice with meat and veggies – it does not seem so expensive and time absorbing – but taking into consideration what I wrote above – proper home prepared and raw diet is time absorbing, requires knowledge and it is not any cheaper than commercial diet.

Your Australian Labradoodle puppy goes home with 18 kg bag of good quality commercial food as the part of a puppy pack.


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Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Poland
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