Exercising with Australian Labradoodle

Exercising your Australian Labradoodle

Regular exercise is necessary not only for overall health. Through exercises puppies a make strong muscles, bones and joints. Exercise stimulates the flow of oxygen in the body, which enriches the blood. Blood, in turn, provides the nutritional value of your body.

Sometimes I am being questioned – how much and how often shall I allow my dog to exercise during the day.

It depends – mostly on the age and type of exercise.

If release your dog from the leash – he will regulate the amount of exercise himself. Sometimes he will run or jump, sometimes he will walk and sometimes he will stand or lay down. Movements of your dogs will be spontaneous and not monotonous.

On the other hand while walking on a leash, we must remember that the dog uses constantly the same “set” of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the repeated motion. Moving this way for a long period of time can lead to continuous strains. Especially immature joints, may be vulnerable to irreversible damage.

What about jumping on and off objects? Generally, it is not recommended for puppies under twelve months of age. Until then, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments are not ripe, and this kind of exercises must be controlled.

So how to dose exercises for puppies?

– At the age of three to four months walking should not be longer than ten minutes each session

– At the age of four to six months should not exceed 15 minutes for each session

– From six to twelve months, each session may not exceed thirty minutes

– Over twelve months of age, we can go for longer walks or even jogging.


Puppies under twelve months of age should not climb stairs, jump on and off of tall objects. Continuous running and jumping on objects before maturity can lead to hip or elbow dysplasia.

Also – do not allow your dog to run like crazy all the time. Usually when dogs do it – they need to relief some stress. Going on a walks on a very long leash and letting your dog to sniff makes your dog even more tired than running on a field for some time. By sniffing your dog learns how to cope with stress. What we do for the puppies here before they leave our premises – we build enriched environments for them. This means that we throw many different products from different materials, we stuck in them some food or materials with scents of different animals (goat, rabbit.. – goat gains the biggest populatiry:); -)). Dogs go on such a field, sniff, find the treasures. After 15 minutes of constant sniffing they sleep for the next few hours. Ant this is the best exercise ever. More about the subject you will find here http://www.labradoodle.com.pl/nowinki/szczeniaczki-uczniaczki/


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