How do we choose Australian labradoodle for you

Before I match the Australian labradoodle to you I get to know you first – your family, your ways and your dynamics.
After the puppies are born they are being observed very closely – this is when the matching process starts. At 6-7 weeks of age temperamental testing is being conducted by the independent person (as I can’t do it because puppies already know me). From the experience – the tests only confirm what was observed by me during growing up process of puppies. The results of the test is written in the special table and this table is carefully analyzed with the family dynamics.
This is how your puppy is matched to you. Only by doing this we are able to match you with the perfect puppy and be able to ensure the success of our program.
Some families however tell us their preferences as to color and gender. Some want nothing but a black female. We are able to take your preferences under the consideration, but it may happen that the particular puppy of the color and sex you want will not suit your family dynamics. In this situation we can’t offer you the particular puppy. Then you are asked if you can accept other option. The more flexible you are – the better for you because then the choice is wider. I grant perfect matching and I take all the responsibility for this match. We are treating this matter very seriously and we are proud of our success in it.


Elzbieta Gajewska
Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Poland
First Professional Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland

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