Training — mental stimulation

Australian Labradoodles are very smart creatures. It is very important to train them. They learn very quickly, however they learn bad things just as quick as they learn those desired ones. Therefore it is crucial to educate them at the early stage of their life.

First phase of education is what breeder does. Responsible breeder socialize puppies, and socializes every single day – not only for the purpose of making photo documentation (for more information please see the topic – “How do I socialize the puppies before they arrive to you”)
When you get the puppy it is our turn to educate him.

Usually the first step you can do is to enroll your puppy to a “puppy kindergarten”. Such kindergarten is concentrated more on socialization than the actual training. You will of course learn the basic commands, such as: sit, down, come back, come back on a whistle sound ect. However it is all about giving your puppy different stimulation before 16 weeks of age when the socialization period ends. The trainer should look at each puppy individually so that he can make some advises about future development of your puppy (other directions, other courses ect)

It is very important that your dog school offers positive reinforcement training without chain or chocking collars. If you ask a question – if a chocking collar is allowed during the training and you hear the answer “yes” than it is not the school you want your dog to go to.

Dog schools offer different kinds of education nowadays – and this can be a lot fun for you and your dog – it will also strengthen bond between both of you. Some schools offer general or higher obedience, agility, dog trekking (over certain age) or even hunting classes. General training is a must if it comes to an Australian Labradoodle and then you can think for yourself if you want to go further.

Ending I would like to say few words about agility classes. Agility puts your dog on a high speed. It makes dogs overexcited which is not really a good thing. During such agility run the adrenaline level increases very high and not a lot of people know that a dogs organism needs about a week for the adrenaline level to come back to normal. Some animal experts already promote agility stress free which seems to be very good solution, however it is quite a new knowledge and not introduced yet on a large scale.


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