Tracking workshop. How does Donnan do at finding „missing people”
Australian Labradoodle Donnan – the perfect dog. Not that long ago we took a part in a tracking workshop organized by Everest. Donnan’s nose worked for two hours straight. He was so brave, even the snow that was sticking to his paws did not bother him. There was lots of snow and trails were longer and longer. Next time we are not coming out without a special suit.
Donnan always beautifully walked on the truck, the reward for finding a toy was playing with it with the handler. With time we started noticing that the toy is not enough fun anymore. He was tracking as that was his job, but was that pleasurable for him? I am far away from pressing the dog to do something for my pleasure only. Fun of performing has to be on both sides, and even more for a dog – especially if it comes to perform one’s natural instincts.
Donnan is a dog which is very concentrated on the handler and there is no biggest joy for him than spending time with human. Fast intervention helped Donnan to regain fun from tracking and now he does it even better and faster, and much more precisely than before. At the end of the track there is human waiting. Human – the biggest reward for him. Donnan tracking now carries the widest smile on his face. Since that time there is always helper assisting us at the training.
While training our dogs, we have to remember that for every individual there is a different reinforcement (food, toy, human). Therefore everyone should find the right kind of motivation for his dog.


Wlochata Pasja
First Professional Australian Labradoodle Kennel